Thursday, August 17, 2006

Paint Shop Pro

I thought that I would show you a few Signature Tags that I created in Paint Shop Pro. My daughter had gotten me interested in Signature Tags a few years back however when my computer crashed, I lost them. Approximately 4 months ago, I became interested in them again but wanted to make my own. A good friend introduced me to a PSP (Paint Shop Pro) web page creator that also makes signature tags that she calls miniature art. With her help, I have been enjoy a new hobby.

I am also working on making animated signatures. This is the first hobby that I have ever had that cost "nothing" once you buy the program. At some point, I plan on making digital scrapbooks using all I have learn making the tags.


Rhonda said...

Oh Louise, I just love your tag "Friends in Paradise" ... too funny. I should learn to do something like that. Ah, where does my time go?

Louise said...

Rhonda, it is easy and fun to make signature tags. Let me know if you want me to help. I do this in the evenings while watching TV. I find that as I get older I do not see as well in the evenings so I work on the signature tags awhile and then knit while watching TV.