Sunday, August 20, 2006

You have to be Warped to be a Weaver

Thought that I would show you a few scarves that I have woven for myself and also tell you about what is on the loom.

Because it takes me so long to warp, I am warping to make two scarves, one for a male co-worker as a Thank You gift and one for me. The warp is Bambu purchased from Cotton Cloud at 30 epi (ends per inch) and the pattern is from an issue of Weavers that I really liked but had to make a couple of changes to make it fit my scarf.

It was my intention when I purchased the yarn to have the warp and weft in the same yarn. However, now that I have started to warp, I read a post stating that the yarn stretches. This has caused me to rethink what I am going to use for the weft so we will just have to see. Since this is the most epi that I have ever warped, I am taking my time and praying alot.

I put on an extra yard of yarn to sample and finish as if I was making the final item, rather than put on a small amount of yarn and have to warp for the larger project once it looks okay. Something else that I discovered was that by warping with something smaller than I was actually making did not show me the drape or could I see how the complete pattern was going to work on the finished project. I am also saving all my samples, whether I like it or not, to make a quilt someday with my handwoven.

The first piece was made on my 4 harness Norwood 22 inch workshop floor loom about 8 years ago. The fiber for warp and weft is a wool/silk blend. I made this scarf for my father so it is shorter than what I normally make.

The second scarf was made on the same loom about 5 years ago. The warp is Dragon Tail varigated rayon and tencel , the weft is tencel.

The last is 2 years old and it was made on my 8 harness Ashford table loom. This is the loom that I take with me when I travel because it folds flat even with the warp on it and the table makes a great stand for my warping board. The swinging beater and the placement of the levers is very smooth. I have been toying with the idea to sale my 8 harness to get the 16 harness Ashford table loom. Someone told me that this loom does not fold as flat. Even with this new knowledge, this is still something that is very much in my mind.

The yarn for this scarf is tencel and Dragon Tail varigated rayon for the warp and tencel for the weft.

As you can see I love weaving with tencel which is a wood based natural fiber. I purchased some white silk but have not had a chance to give it a try. That will be my next weaving project. I want to dye the yarn and weave a shawl for my trip next year.

Beside my Ashford and Norwood looms, I have a 8 harness 45" LeClerc jack loom, 40" Gallenger counter balance loom for my rugs, and a triangle loom that I have not used for quite a while. I find that I use my Ashford even when I am home because it sits in the living room.

My next post will be to show you my latest sewing projects unless something else grabs my attention.


Karen said...

Those are lovely! I've watched while it's being done (the weaving) at fiber festivals and it looks like it would be a lot of fun.

Louise said...

I find weaving very relaxing. I love to watch the pattern or if I am doing a simple weave, I love to watch the colors change. If you can, find a weaving guild in your area, they always love beginners and will have classes on their looms.

Rhonda said...

Oh wow, you're a weaver. I've never tried it, but only saw it being done at fiber festivals. We don't have tax on yarn in MA either ... so we could both have fun shopping either state. Weeeellll, as long as my plastic holds out that is, LOL.

BTW, the brown scarf is my favorite. Really nice work you've done!

Shelley said...

The scarves are beautiful! I don't know anything about weaving, but you've done a great job with them.

I scrolled down a few posts, and I can't believe someone could knit with toothpicks! That is amazing in my book!

Louise said...

Rhonda and Shelley, thank you for your comments on my scarves. I truly love weaving and will be posting more of my things in the future. I love weaving socks and my fingerless gloves. I have signed up for a purse exchange and now mitten/gloves. I hope that I am not turning into a knitter. Just spent Just spent $200 for yarn to make socks and 2 purses. Hope this is not a trend LOL

TeAntae said...

Mom you are truly talented, you do know that right? So stop saying your a beginner because after all these years, I think you're way past that. Oh and by the way, I DESERVE MORE PRESENTS! *giggle*

joan said...

Love your blog! I am so impressed with all you've accomplished; I knew you had lots of creativity, but never realized how much and how varied! So happy to be your friend!

Jen said...

Beautiful scarves! What kind of weave is that first one? I just love it!!