Friday, November 03, 2006

It Is Almost Christmas

First I would like to thank Vicki from Canada again for my purse and gifts. from the International Tote Exchange that ended October 31. I had meant to show you how nice it was in my last post and deleted the photo by mistake. Thank you Vicki, I love it and have used it often, the cellphone holder really comes in handy. I have been wearing the nice and soft.

I have started on Christmas. The table is up in the living room for my Christmas Village. You will see the progress as it I get things done. It takes me a couple of weeks to get it like I want. There probably will not be a ski lift this year. I can not figure out away to add it.

I basically start with a few houses to decide on the layout and lighting, then the hard part of deciding which houses and stores I have room for. I collect Christmas in the City and Snow Village from Department 56 as well as the great houses from Ace Hardware. In fact, I love the Ace lighthouses so much that I am trying to decide where to put them so that I can have a fishiing village as part of my Christmas setup.

Since the Christmas in the City pieces are smaller, they go toward the back that makes it look like the city is in the distance. That is where my park is also located. The train station is in trouple as to whether it will be added this year. Not sure how people get in and out of town. I might leave the bus station since it takes up less room, we will see.

I have purchased a few Christmas presents but I have cut out fabric for items that I am making for my daughter as well as myself. I want a new coat this year. When I was at the fine art craft show in Annandale, VA, I saw the perfect coat but it cost so much. I am trying to make one that will satisfy that want/need. Anyway, the fabric is cut out for all my projects and now the sewing begins.

There are are few people that I want to weave some gifts for. I promised a scarf to one friend and a throw to another. Oh, and as for me, I wove some fabric that was suppose to be a shawl but now will be panels in a jacket just have to weave the fabric for the main part. I will show you pictures of all the projects as they are finished.

I do not send many Christmas cards but the few I do will need to be designed in PSP (Paint Shop Pro), use my embroidery machine to make free standing lace ornaments to put in the cards and somehow get them out in time. I did not send out any cards/ornaments last year and I have one friend that told me that she has a blank spot on her tree because I did not send her one last year.

Oh, I have some socks and mittens/hats to get knitted.

Time, Time, Time, is there ever enough in the day.


Rhonda said...

Oh my, where will you find the time? You have so much planned ... and I love the village (& city). I wish I had room for mine. Your ornament cards sound really lovely too.

TeAntae said...

You know mom, you're getting as bad as Gran was. You'll need to start Christmas before Halloween at the rate you're going. =)