Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Christmas Village Photos

In the previous post, I posted a few pictures of my Christmas Village. Here are a more.

After reading the post from Monte on the Dept. 56 newsgroup, I will be running out to get some baking or pool soda to make my snow. His looks so realistic.

I have a meeting to go to on Thursday (work), so I will have to stop working on my Christmas gifts. Work always seems to get in the way of fun.


TeAntae said...

That's why we both need to be independantly wealthy. Then we can do all sorts of fun stuff without that aweful work stuff getting in the way. Your pictures came out great by the way.

Rhonda said...

Your village is so beautiful! Ah, don't we all wish we can spend more time doing what we want instead of what we must ... like WORK. Gosh, I want to have fun too... so I know what you mean. Happy knitting & decorating!