Monday, November 13, 2006

Merry Christmas

I am in the Christmas spirit. I just finished sewing a present for my daughter and it is wrapped. I am in a chunky book swap and my pages are finished. YEAH!!!!!

The theme of the Chunky Book page is that you have to use a picture of you with Santa. Well, I do not have a picture of me with Santa but I do have one of my daughter with Santa. I just put my face over hers and I was set. I just put the picture in an ornament and decorated. You were asked not to leave the back of the page plain. I decided to use the Sports Illustrated cover because I thought I made a great cover girl. LOL

Next I finished up my Christmas Village. It was so hard to decide which village pieces that I was going to use. I really wanted to use all but would have to move out all my furniture.

I will have more pictures in my next post. I was only able to put a few on this time.

Just have a couple more sewing projects to finish and of course some knitting and weaving.

Wait until my son, daughter, and son-in-law see the gift tags I have made. I may be banded from the family. I will show you some examples later.

Isn't Christmas fun?

I really do not have much shopping to do because I buy all year round but I do like to make things and usually get right up to Christmas before I finish.

See you later...


JoJo said...

BAH HUMBUG...but your Xmas Village is Super Cool and the Chunky page, what a cool idea ;-)

TeAntae said...

Love how the page turned out mom. Really neat. And as for the village, I think you're ready to start sending your pictures to the Dept. 56 clubs and stuff! That and you're going to need more room soon!

Rhonda said...

Love the Chunky page!!

I think you need a whole room just for the village and wouldn't it be nice to have it up ALL year? I want a room with shelves from one end to the next around the whole room with a village like yours.