Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas Disney Style

I told Dan that you could enjoy Disney without spending a dime but I think he did not believe me.  He had not been there for 30 years and everyone just kept telling him how expensive going to Disney was.

On our first day, we went to Disney's town, Celebration.

From there we went in to Walt Disney World proper, to The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Hotel.

Dan and the doorman of the Grand Floridian

We took the monorail to The Contemporary Resort to see the gingerbread tree. Every year the different hotels do gingerbread creations. Some small and cute, while others are just over the top!

Then it was off to the Polynesian Hotel, where we parked the car, to catch the bus to Downtown Disney for lunch.  My daughter got married on the beach at the Polynesian Hotel. I had planned to take Dan down to see the place but it is all torn up with construction.  Must be some kind of expansion or another Disney Vacation Club going in.

After lunch we picked up the car and headed over to The Wilderness Lodge.

The tree at the Wilderness Lodge in the Wilderness Lodge Villas

That evening, Dan took me to a local buffet called Oasis. It is under new management and does not have a website yet.  The food was typical buffet however:

It went on forever!

It had musicians, the man playing is blind and sang old Ray Charles songs, the lady took  request.

Dan, pretending that he ate so much he passed out. I think he scared the staff. 

A couple of days later we went back to Disney to see the decorations at several other hotels.

At the BoardWalk Inn they had a Gingerbread store

Dan clowning as usual.

We took the boat over to the Swan hotel because I was not feeling well enough to walk.
There they had a chocolate scene.

Walked across the street to the Dolphin Hotel to check out their decorations.

Because I was not up to it we took the boat to the Disney Yacht and Beach Club which is two hotels connected.  My son got married at the Yacht club in the gazebo.  At the Yacht club that had this elaborate train exhibit.

Of course, the Beach Club had to out do the Yacht club with this huge gingerbread  carousel.

This was our second day at Disney so I thought that lunch at Coronado Springs hotel would be fun. 

This  is the entry.

Disney is only 36 miles from the campground.  We have a few more hotels to visit and will finish up probably next week.  Now I have to get some Christmas decorations for Miss Kitty.  I think she is the only RV not decorated.

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Joanne Munroe said...

Your pictures are beautiful Louise. Take care of yourself & happy holidays - Joanne.