Saturday, December 28, 2013

Y'All Come Back Saloon and Family Visit

Robert, my next door neighbor, invited me to go with some other campground residence to the "Y'ALL Come Back Saloon" to cheer on one of the residence that was playing in a country and western band there today. I was definitely "odd woman out" but had a fun time.

This is Robert.  

My family came down for Christmas!   How great it was to see them?!?   We went to see "ICE" at the Gaylord Palms Hotel.  I wish I could say it was worth $29 to get in and $18 to park but it was not.  It was an experience though and we were looking for experiences on this outing. 

TeAntae and Bryan

This is a slide.

Ice Carver from Japan

Nativity scene in ice

Of course we went to Disney World.  Very few photos taken because we have so many but...we had to take pictures of the lights at Hollywood Studios.  Before we went there however, Bryan had his first haircut... The Magic Kingdom!

We went to the new addition (in progress) at Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland and had lunch at the "Be Our Guest" restaurant.  There are three large rooms, each with a different theme. It is so neat! You order... find a table... and your food magically appears!  Okay, they give you a device shaped like rose that is actually a GPS and that is how the server finds your table.

Then it was off to Hollywood Studios!

It was a fun, fun, fun day..... but it always is when I am with my family.

Good News!!!!!  Test back, There is nothing wrong.  I do have to go back for followup and they are still working on the the anemia but it looks like I have many more years to roam!!!

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Mary Lou said...

Happy New Year! The ice up north is free!