Friday, December 06, 2013

Festival of the Arts in Pictures

Florida just does not agree with me. I have been sick almost every week since I have been here. This last was something that I ate that did not agree with me.  I have been doing things in between ills though....

We will begin with my visit to the Disney's Festival of the Masters, which started November 8.  I went several days to see the progress of the sidewalk chalk paintings.

Students from schools in the area beginning their chalk art.  Prizes were given for the best art.

Downtown Disney West Side has food trucks!

Decorate your own visor was presented by Michael's Arts and Craft store

In the old Pleasure Island area there was music and very comfortable seating.

If I was giving out the prizes, this one above would have won. Because of the sun I could not get a picture to justify the beautiful artwork.

What fun! There was also lots of artists and crafters exhibiting. I brought a beautiful patio vase an left it on the patio ...the wind came one night and knocked it over.   Hope I can find the artist again.

On November 23, I went to a local craft show. I forgot where it was but it had a lot of talented artist.

I was too chicken to try this.

I did try this.  It is basically two corn cakes with mozzarella cheese in between.

Saw this car as I was driving down the road and just had to take a picture.

I want to show you pictures of the beautiful decorations at the different Disney World hotels but have to tell you about last night.  My new friend, Dan, took me to an auction.  This is my first auction but I found it quite different than I thought.  This must be the down home version.  I saw people arriving with those cold food bags and I wasn't sure why. Then I saw!   

The first item up was ..."HAM"!

Then came the turkey.

Sheets and hats.

I actually let Dan bid on some lunch meat for me.  What an unusual and fun evening.

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Colleen Phipps said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Have been wondering what you have been up to.