Friday, July 26, 2013


  I was told that Nexus would have to send Miss Kitty to the company that paints their RV's and would have to keep her overnight.   I went to have lunch at RiverWalk in downtown Elkhart to decide what I would be doing.

Since I did not really see much of Shipshewana when I went to the flea market, it seemed like a good idea to explore more. I found a brochure about flower quilt gardens and quilt paintings that was in almost every town in the area.   In Shipshewana, I found several.  Oh so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

I also went to see some of the painted quilts.

Would you believe that this is a cloth quilt!!!!!!  I walked into a shop and saw this hanging on the wall.  Such detail and very tiny pieces.  When I grow up, I want to quilt like this.

I got tired of driving and started to head to the hotel but ran across a car show

I met this wonderful lady,  Bonnie De Moss, the owner of Catalynje Buffalo Fiber Companyin Shipshewana.  She was such a dear and we talked about buffalo fiber and spinning for quite some time.  I brought two ounces of her fiber that had been blended with silk to give spinning buffalo a try.

Looks like I will have to stay here in Elkhart until Monday, that is when the person that has to replace my radio will be able to do it.   My friend, Laura, is going to stop by tomorrow on her way home from her assignment.  I will be happy to see her.  I am not at a campground but in the lot at Nexus.   There are other people here but they stay to themselves so I have to find other entertainment.  There is a toboggan run not far that I am considering.   Sounds like fun.

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