Sunday, July 21, 2013

Should Have Been a Rest Day

I got up this morning with the intention of just laying around and possibly getting a little sewing in.  However, I wanted to see the covered bridges in Parke County.

There are 31 covered bridges but I only saw one.   I went to Bridgeton Mill in Bridgeton, Indiana.   The town was shut down, looks like Sunday is not the day to go.   The Bridge is beautiful and I learned that there is a working mill in Maryland.  Also, when the Mill was purchased  in 1995, it was in sad shape.  The mill part of the foundation had collapsed.  It took 3 years to save the building but 4 years to get the mill operational because the dam was in such bad shape and the mill pond had trees growing in it and it was full of dirt.  Falling water spins the grist mill  wheel for power, hence the dam.   There is a snack shop and in a separate building you will find carving and pottery demonstrations, as well as arts and crafts.

I thought the corn lights were cute.

Grist mill restored.  Stone grinding is slow and gentle, thus the product retains 100% of its flavor and nutrition.  The mill and bridge are free of charge.

I decided that what I really needed was ice cream and headed for Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum in Columbia, IN.  Yes, it was a distance away but actually it would not be far from where I was staying.

Three brothers from Greece opened the candy store in 1900.  By 1911 guests could enjoy music from a Welte organ and home made ice cream and soda from two soda fountains.   

Yes, I am on a diet but I could not resist an ice cream soda.

The museum area is also the overflow part of the restaurant.

The museum showcases original soda fountains that are just beautiful.

After having my ice cream soda and looking around, I walked a little in the town but almost everything was closed.   This part of town is very artsy.

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