Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Quest for the Perfect Pickle

Just made it to Indiana.    At present, I am expected at Nexus RV next Wednesday.   I went to Ohio to visit my sister in Grove City.   I had planned to stay in the Kroger parking lot for two days and Walmart for one night but decided that one night in each would be enough and then  I would head out.

My sister and niece came to visit me and Miss Kitty which turned out to be lots of fun.  My niece is a vegan so she took me grocery shopping.   I have been reading this book on how to reverse diabetics and it said that basically you will have to become a vegan.   I plan on giving this a try and see what my numbers look like when I visit the doctor in October.

  My sister and niece

I checked into Jellystone Campground and Resort in Knightsville, IN,

on Tuesday evening but they only had water and electric sites available.   So I got up this morning and heading to Walmart to get my hair washed and then back to the RV to lock and dry my hair. What that meant was my touring for the day was cut short.

I was able to get to Carmel, IN, which is right outside of Indianapolis. They have a Arts & Design District.  This is really a cute area with galleries, specialty shops, boutiques, all kinds of restaurants and a great ice cream shop called Huddle Up.   Besides Troupe L'Oeil, I really like outdoor life like statues.   The streets are full in Carmel.

I did do some shopping at a cute boutique that I could not resist then on the Museum of Miniature Houses & Other Collections, Inc.   It is located on Main Street in a new building.  You have to ring the door bell for admittance.  The cost is normally $5 for adults but because I got there so late, the volunteer let me in for free.   My mom loved miniature anything.  This place would have been heaven for her.

This is a picture of the real house.  The two pictures above are the miniature version.

Tomorrow is another day with sightseeing and whatever else I can get into.   The Ruckus is August 4th so I have to conserve my energy for that.

I know you are wondering what the Pickle in the title has to do with anything.   Well, I love good dill pickles.   It is not easy to find them on the road.   My friend had introduced me to Claussen Dill Pickles that will hold me during my search.   What happened while I was in Ohio was that I searched high and low for these Claussen Pickles.   My niece kept asking me if I checked the cold section of the stores but I kept saying that I did not think they would be in the cold section.  Anyway, after going to numerous stores in the area and not finding the pickles, my niece insisted that I check the cold section when we were in Meijer.   To make a long story short....there was all kinds of Claussen pickles in the cold section.   Now that I
have a good source for dill pickles while I search in my travels for the perfect dill pickle,  I will be okay.

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Louise said...

Yes, I can go a week easily without dumping. I do not care if the place has sewer, I was just mentioning it for others. I probably could go more than a week but I usually dump once a week .