Saturday, July 06, 2013

Heading to Gettysburg

I am sitting in Lancaster, OH at the Lakeview Campground writing this.   Beautiful campground...the park goes around the lake, so almost all sites have view of the lake.  What makes this campground unique is that you can learn to scuba dive.  The lake has a 50 ft deep spring fed quarry with underwater attactions strategically placed at various points in the lake.   I was sorry that I was only spending one night because I would have loved to have taken a lesson.   I was able to attend a performance at the bandstand by local country musicians.   There are no fire pits and the sites are small but with enough room for your slides and awnings.  The host and hostess are very nice and friendly.   Most of the people here are seasonal or monthly but I was told that there is usually a few spots open.   I got the last one for the evening.

The next part of my tale is about my time in MO.   After we picked up my friends truck at his cousins, I followed him to the capital, Jefferson City, where he lived.   It was an easy drive only 129 miles from St. Louis.  His friends started calling immediately and the invitations to barbeques began.
But first, I was told that we had to get the best ice cream in the country at the Central Dairy.  They also still deliver milk to your door.   I agree that the ice cream was fantastic.  The cost would break the bank....two scoops for $2.00.    He splurged and brought me a ice cream in a waffle cone, the bill was $5.25 for the both of us.
We drove by the capital but there was too much to do and see to stop.

I was also taken to the Canterbury  Hill Winery which is a restaurant as well as winery.

I loved how the patio was tiered down to the vineyard. A rainbow appeared just as we sat down.  
Very pretty and good wine.

I really ate good in Jefferson City.   I wish I had taken pictures of all the great food I ate and the people I met.  

One day, I was taken the Runge Nature Center  in Jefferson City.  The center highlights Missouri habitats of the wildlife, the fish and the forest.   The bobcat was hit by a car.  It seems they are migrating to MO.

Another day we took the back roads of Jefferson City to see the countryside. 

Every day of my week visit was an adventure. Everyone that I was introduced to was wonderful and made me feel welcome.   I think Jefferson City is a well kept secret and I hope it never gets spoiled.

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TN Granny said...

Louise, I read all on your blog and just love it. I too just bought my RV but still haven't been on a trip. You continue to enjoy yourself and hopefully we will meet soon in all our travels.
Jeanine from Women RVing.