Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Little Closer and Time with Friends

I am in Florida and heading to the campground I will be at for most of the winter.  In the meantime I am enjoying the journey.

On the way, I went to another Harvest Host location, The Golden Acres Ranch in the Panhandle of Florida.  The ranch raises Tennessee Fainting Goats.  Their muscles freeze for about 10 seconds when they are in a panic, the result is that they will stiffen and fall down.  These goats are raised for their meat rather than milk.  I had a chance to help water them.

The dog in the doorway is the guard dog for the goats and will not let anyone or anything come close to the goats except the owners.

Mr. and Mrs. Golden also raise sheep, chickens and lambs and will board your pets as well.  Sadly, I had just missed the local farm tour and the farm to table dinner.

They also have a country store with fresh eggs,  Mayhew jelly,  processed lamb and processed goat meat.

After a good nights sleep, I headed to meet my friends, Larry and Jane Frum who live in a place called The Villages.

The trip from Southern Oaks RV Resort  to the The Villages, which is a retirement community, is only 5 minutes. This is the campground I will be staying at for the rest of the week until I transfer to the campground I'll winter at.  They have a heated pool, awesome internet, good water pressure,  70 channels of cable, pull-thrus with 30 and 50 amps service, same price.  They accept Passport America 50% discount on their rate. The parking is on grass.

I got to the campground and called my friends.  It turned out that the next day was their 52nd anniversary and I was invited! They picked me up and took me on a sightseeing trip of The Villages.  The Villages is basically a huge city with three themed town centers.  We went to Brownwood Paddock Square which is reminiscent of an early Florida cattle town.


I really liked the inside of the Barnstorm Movie Theater.


From there we went to the World Of Beer which specializes in craft beer from all over the world.  I was able to get the only beer I like, Lambic Peach.  Larry was shocked at the price.

The next evening I was picked up for the anniversary dinner and we headed off.

Rebecca, Larry, Jane and Larry
Yes there were two Larry's at the table.

Anniversary couple, Jane and Larry

  I had so much fun,  the company and the food was amazing.

Larry picked me up today to take me to the Okoberfest in one of the other village squares, Lake Sumter Village Square.  Lake Sumter Village is in a waterfront setting which reminds you of  a seaside village.

We walked around looking at the customized golf carts as we headed to the fest.

Police golf carts....only in The Villages

Once at the fest we got some french fries and did some people watching and listened to music.
Larry and the stilt walkers

It was a fun time but I had to get back to Miss Kitty.  As we were leaving, Larry showed me this car tag and I thought that I need to make one that says, "I am a Frog, I will leave fulltiming when I Croak."


Colleen Phipps said...

Hmmmm...I think that sitting in one spot all winter may get a little boring after all your traveling and seeing new sites.
Colleen Phipps (longdog2)
Traveling with The Longdogs

Louise said...

Colleen, the RV will be parked in one spot but I have the state of Florida to explore. The adventure continues.


Louise...where are you going to be I am not that far from The Villages..Soos , Linann, Dell are not far away either...

Joanne Munroe said...

Ok, couple of thing's; did someone say "fainting goats" grab a pot, stew's on. Sorry just kidding. The pic of the redhead with lizard, hmmm. Hello my friend, glad to see you made it to your winter stop. I continue to follow you & Miss Kitty on your adventures!