Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chili, Keifer, Italian and more New Friends

The chili get together was great. We had turkey and vegetarian chilies that was prepared by two ladies that I had met at the Full Timers Educational Rally.  Also the host and hostess of the rally, Linda and Howard, were there. Lots of talk and excitement about full timing. 

Earlier in the day, I met with Verna again, this time to make keifer. And I quote, "Keifer drinks provide highly absorbable calcium, highly absorbable protein, excellent amounts of probiotic bacteria and are famous for helping to protect the body’s bones, teeth and gums and to invigorate the body’s overall health. Keifer drinks help keep the body’s temperature cool and well-adjusted in hot weather and strong in cold weather." This quote is from the Heise Health Clinic so it must be true.  I told you I am trying to get healthy.  Keifer is a yogurt based drink and Verna had cultured the base and gave me some to make more for myself. I plan on this being my daily morning drink. I really want to eat more healthy so I can keep up this lifestyle a lot longer.

I left the campground yesterday morning to take Miss Kitty in for her 7500 mile checkup.  She is not quite 7500 but will be by the time I get to Florida.  Since I was told that it would be about two hours before the service center could get to me,  they suggested I should go to the CaffĂ© Rel in Franklin for lunch but to not be put off because it was located in a gas station.  I was told that the food was excellent and when I walked in I would think I was in a five star restaurant.  So, off I went to CafĂ© Rel.

It really was in a gas station! Because I was alone and this was lunch time, I was asked if I would mind sharing a table with three other ladies. I thought that would be nice not to eat alone and readily agreed.  

It turned out to be quite a treat because Megan, Donna and Janet were the best company I could ever have.  Megan (pictured with the dog) is from Raleigh, NC and came down to meet her mother and aunt for lunch.  The other two are from Louisiana and have houses in the mountains. I was invited to come stay on their land when I was in Louisiana because they were outside New Orleans.  What generous sweet ladies.


I picked up Miss Kitty after lunch and headed out.

On my way to my next destination, I had to turn at the... photo

I spent the night at another Harvest Host location in Hendersonville, NC.  I love apples and my daughter found the Justus Apple Orchard.

This is a pick your own or buy there fresh picked apples type orchard.  When I arrived I was greeted by one of the owners, Margo Justus, who showed me where to park.  She had me sample some of their apples and I fell in love with Cameo apples which was a little tart but with a sweetness I can not describe.  She said that the apples would keep for weeks in the refrigerator so I got a 1/2 peck.  I also got some hot apple cider and a hot fried apple pie.   Margo put a couple of apple donuts in the box so I could have them for breakfast.  I thought that was very nice.

Later after dinner, I walked around the grounds.

I even decided to play a little.

This is a well worth it stop.  Not only for the great apples and baked goods but also for the friendliness of the owners that actually inquired if I had a good night and wanted to know how many nights I would be staying.

I had planned on going to another winery for the night but my daughter told me about a restaurant that has my maiden name... Crooks, in Chapel Hill, NC.   So I made reservation for tonight and I am off to find a place to park for the night near them since I am too big to park in their lot.   I like going to places that have my maiden name because I hardly ever see it.  I drove half way cross South Dakota to a little town called Crooks, SC one time.



Nice blog post...
hope to see you in fla.
donna aka grammynmaggie

Cheng Liu said...

LOL, I can't believe you stopped at Justus Orchard. I'm here right now!!!