Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crook's Cafe

I made reservation for the Crook's Corner Café and Bar but really did not need to because it was practically empty.  The waiters wear bow ties and white shirts but you feel as if you are in a diner. The restaurant is on the edge of a really nice area so lots of people were hanging out across the street.  

As I said in the last post, Crooks is my maiden name.  The waiter told me that the building was originally owned by Rachel Crook and was a fish market in the late 1940's.  In 1951 Mrs. Crook was murdered and the case was never solved.  The building stayed deserted for years, it  has been a taxi stand, bait and tackle shop and pool hall.

I asked about the Sunday Brunch menu which features "Kitty's Favorite French Toast".  The reason I asked of course because that Kitty was mom's nickname.  How much of a coincidence is that?  I was told that a lady named Kitty Bell always insisted on her French toast to be cooked a certain way so they just started serving it as a regular feature.

The restaurant is not fancy.

The menu is small but with a good variety.  I ordered the North Carolina sampler which consisted of pulled pork, Hoppin' John, cornbread and collard greens. The collard greens were tender but not soggy.  That is the way I like them.  I've never had Hoppin' John before but it was quite delicious.  


I would definitely go back again and try something else.  I was worried about my bike since I had to park on a side street so I probably ate too fast.  

Off to Wake Forest, NC tomorrow to meet a friend for lunch.


sydalrv said...

I love how you are living your life. I hope to be out there doing the same thing in the future!

sydalrv said...
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