Saturday, October 12, 2013

Still Out There

Sorry I have not been posting lately. I have lots to tell you but hope that my son, Roger, can get the photos off of my SD card. It seems that the card is broken as it works in the camera but not in the computer.  Also, the computer does not see the camera so I have been at a loss as to what to do.  I can use a different SD card directly into my computer so I have decided to just start with what is happening now and as soon as I get the photos, I will back track .

I am still at the Great  Outdoor RV Resort in Franklin, NC. The campground is quiet and has no facilities for children. The sites are small if you are a big rig. I fit nicely though with room to fit my car sideways. The campground is well landscaped between each RV and each site is graveled with full hookups,  wi-fi and cable. All of the workkampers here are very nice.  I was originally here because of the Fulltimers Rally put on by RV Dreams.  I decided to stay another week to get to see the area and was given the rally rate.  

I have met some very nice people but especially Tim who is here for the summer and will then go back to Florida. He came over and explained to me that I needed to start tying down my awning because of possible wind gusts.  He even went out and got the bolts to do it.  I brought the tie down straps and stacks. Also, I couldn't sit out in the afternoons because of the sun so I brought a screen but had no way to put it up. He went out and got clamps for me and put up the screen. I have tried to give him the money back for the supplies and pay him for his time but he will not take it.  


Me, Tim, Cheng, and Joe went to the fire tower at Wayah Bald.

Wayah Bald is 5342 feet in elevation. The road is very twisty and up hill. The last part is just gravel.  It's a short hike from the summit parking lot to the stone tower. The tower was built in 1937 and at that time had living quarters for the rangers.

The pano shot was by Cheng Liu.   If you want to see some beautiful photos and read her insights, go to her blog

Tim and Aiden

We left there and started back down the mountain where we stopped at the Wilson Lick Rangers cabin that was built in 1916  to take more pictures.

Cheng is full timing while telecommuting as a web designer and has so much wisdom for her 38 years.  I am so happy to have met her.

Afterwards, Joe took us to lunch. Cheng and I were not allowed to pay for our meals.  What is wrong with these Florida men?

On my way down to Franklin for the Rally, I stayed at two Harvest Host locations. The first was at the Nelson County Visitors Center in  Lovington, VA.  This is actually a complex right on the Highway 29. The visitors center is in the basement of the library. When I arrived, Pat told me were to park and then I went to explore.  
There is a community garden, a baseball field where I sat and watched part of a game, and a school/community center.

Bright and early the next day I headed to my next Harvest Host location in Boonville, NC, at the Sanders Ridge Winery.

  I actually believe that this is the best winery I have stayed at so far. I parked right beside the grape vines, and the owner gave me fish food so I could feed the fish.  I decided to buy a glass of wine and headed to the gazebo.

The owners were so nice and the place was so peaceful in the evening.  This was the first time I actually parked among the vines.

I woke up and saw grape vines all around me out my bedroom window.

I really hated to leave it was so beautiful there.

I want to go gem mining tomorrow, so have to decide if I want enriched (they have a bucket with guaranteed finds) or natural, where you get a bucket and hope for the best.

At a rest stop I saw this sign and had to shake my head.

I have signed up for the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally in Ft. Ogden, FL February 9 - 16, 2014.

When you boondock, you have no hook up to electric, sewer or water.  You have to use only what you have in your self contained RV. One of the workkampers here at the campground is allowing us to boondock on his property for a week.  I do not need solar panels but I am considering getting them because I really would like to stay out for extended stays without hookups.

I will be spending at least three months in Lakes Wales, FL starting October 25.


Colleen Phipps said...

Louise....was a little worried but you didn't disappear completely as you showed up in a number of pictures from the RV Dreamers rally blog. Glad you are still having fun. Keep blogging.

Donna Hinsey said...

Iam glad you are having fun. Everyone from Togo said HI.


Nice posts - you sure have adjusted to your new life - good for you!