Saturday, March 08, 2014

Bulls and Tomatoes

Today I decided to go the the 1st Annual Great  Bull Run.  I had so much fun, met some great people and laughed myself silly.  Okay, sillier than I am normally.

The event took place at the Little Everglades Ranch which is an "event ranch" that holds events like steeplechases, mud runs, and cyclocross races.
I had an hour and 35 minute drive to get to the craziness... but it was worth it!

I went as a spectator but was very, very tempted after the first run... maybe next year.  There was 6 runs. Before each wave of the run, the event staff explained the rules and made sure that the participates spreaded themselves on each side of the track. They then had the participants recited the bull runners oath.  As soon as the bulls were let loose, you immediately saw that the bulls, moving at 35 miles an hour, ran faster than the runners.  When the runners saw the bulls approaching, they'd start running to try to keep up with them for as long as they could before the bulls left them in the dust  (about 5 seconds).  So the event was not a race or long-distance run;  it was a short sprint.

Part of the instruction were that those who desired the "most danger" could run alongside the bulls as they pass. Those who wanted "some danger", but were not crazy enough to try and dodge bulls, could run along the outer edge of the track and let the bulls pass at a safe distance.  Runners who wanted the "least amount of risk" started in the nook and stayed there as the bulls pass.

I met an elderly gentleman who was so happy because this was on his bucket list, he'd always wanted to run with the bulls.

A large number of people wore GoPro cameras.  (I have already asked for one for Mother's Day).

Now to the pictures and videos.   (I just love taking you along on my adventures!)

Heading in

Yes, he was for real....

and so were they!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dressed for success in the bull run.

 Cowboys that let the bulls out of their pens and herded any stray ones.

 A bull run clown. 
His job was to get to runners that fell and protect them from the bulls.

 After the run at 3pm there was the "Tomato Royale".  When the music stopped, the gates where opened and people ran for the tomatoes to hurl them at anyone and at times, no one.  This was a free for all, I was outside the fence but found quickly, I was toooooo close!


Before the tomato food fight

The tomatoes!

And then it began...

The smell of tomatoes was so strong, I thought I was in a ketchup factory. One of the spectators told me that she USED to love tomatoes but she may never want to see one again after this. LOL!

This was a great day.... I think I will do something calmer tomorrow though.

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