Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Sultan and his ladies

I have been amiss in not posting.  Mainly this is because I've had terrible internet connection.  Let me catch you up.

I have had two great outings over the past few weeks. The first was when I met a few ladies from the Woman RV forum at Hillsborough River State Park from 1/25 to 2/2.  There were 13 rigs parked and two ladies who drove in just for the day.

Marge made pancakes and bacon at Nan's site one morning and I provided the champagne for mimosa's.

The next night was a pot luck dinner.  The ladies can really cook; delicious, delicious.  We were able to use the campground meeting pavilion that had a fireplace.
Not sure who this lady was but she asked if she could join us. That is a real parrot on her shoulder.

On January 28, we went vegetable shopping after leaving the grocery store.

The next day we went to a flea market, because of the weather, the only vendors that showed up was the vegetable vendors.
 Thought this mobile hair salon at the flea market was a great idea.

After looking at all these vegetables, we got hungry for strawberry shortcake and headed to Parkesdale farmers market.
Parkesdale Farm Market 

 Nan could not wait for her shortcake and tried to take a bite of the decorations.


 Not sure why I took a picture of this, must have been a fun fact.

Found this great deli that had just opened and we stopped for lunch one day when we came back from buying mats for outside our RV's.  Plantation House does not have a website yet, but the owners said that one side is a deli and the other side of the house is fresh seafood that you can take home to cook.

For my birthday, January 31, I was surprised with a fleece pajama party.  
That is "The Sultan" next to me. He is called "The Sultan" because he was the only husband who came to this particular get together so we were his harem!
 I made fleece cupcake pants for fleece night, unaware that the plan was to celebrate my birthday.

I had a great time with the ladies and "The Sultan" from the Womans RV forum and look forward to meeting up again.

When I got back to the campground I am staying at on February 2, I found this sign on my car.

And my neighbor, Dawn, gave me this great card.

I'll post about the second outing soon.

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