Friday, July 01, 2016

Florida for the Winter

 What is the Christmas holidays without decorations.  I left my Department 56 collection of ceramic houses with my son.  I missed decorating with them the Christmas before last.  I found these paper houses while traveling that would be great to put on my dashboard but each house cost $40.  I went on Amazon and found a box of paper houses for $11 and decided to give it a try.  I don't think my window looked bad.  I had lights under each house.

Jean's sister and her husband joined us for the winter so we all took a airboat ride.  They wanted to see alligators, I just wanted to go fast.

Me, Jean's sister Edie, Jean

While we were staying at the Elks Lodge in Miami, I contacted a good friend, JoAnne, that had moved there the year before.  It was great seeing her.  She took me to a Jamaican restaurant for my first taste of Jamaican crusine.
Waitress leaning over my friend, JoAnne

The group spent Christmas in Homestead, Florida at the Moose Lodge there.
Brian,  Carolyn, Karen, Mary Jane, Tom, Santa, Paul, Jean, Edie, Jerry (Edie's husband), Me

The lodge let us use their back porch for our Christmas dinner.  I decorated of course, this time everyone pitched in to help me.  I stopped decorating everyone's table because no one but Jean offered to help me.  I guess they got the message.
Close up of place setting

We are in Florida and it is Christmas, got to have snowballs even if they are styrofoam 

Brian's bike got stolen but otherwise we had a pleasant holiday.  

I normally do not make New Years resolutions but I decided to last year.

Paul, Jean and I left the group to go on a Disney cruise with my family.  My son, Daughter and son-in-law met us at the Elks Lodge on Merritt Island were we would be leaving the RV's .
On Disney's private Island

We met back up with the group at Everglades National Park campground but the mosquitos were so bad we could not go outdoors.  I am getting a screened room this year or else I can never go outside.

This was also the end of the Eastward Ho We Go circuit.  We said our goodbyes and everyone went their separate ways.  Jean, Paul, Edie, Jerry and I decided to stay together for awhile.

I leave you with an example of the beautiful jewelry my daughter makes.  I am so proud of her.

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