Wednesday, August 14, 2013

After the Ruckus

I left the Ruckus a couple days early so that I could see a little of Vermont on my way to the Escapees Lobster Fest in Maine.   I took the ferry over to Vermont from New York mainly because I had never took Miss Kitty on a ferry before.

View from Miss Kitty on the deck of the ferry.

Once we arrived in Vermont, I went to get gas and head to Ben & Jerry's.  I know that they do not own it anymore but it was my understanding that everything would be the same, plus I wanted to get my sample.

Ben & Jerry Plant

Heading to the tour

The tour starts in the Moo Theater  with a presentation of the founding of the company.

  The tour ends in the Flavoroom where you are given a sample of the flavor of the day.  We had Cookies n Cream  (There were no photos allowed in the production area.)

This was the original lab that Ben & Jerry used to create the flavors we all love.

Entry to the flavor graveyard.

Leaving Ben & Jerry's, or entering 

I decided to spend the night using Harvest Host at a sugarhouse.   I chose Bragg Farm Maple sugar in Montpelier, VT.  Because you can only see the buckets on the trees waiting for the syrup, which is clear, in the winter and early spring, we were shown a film of the process which ended with a tasting.  I also went into the store and brought a cone of maple ice cream. 

Where the maple sap is boiled, starts clear and turns to the maple color we know.

Bragg Farm Store

Miss Kitty on the hill behind the store after spending the night.  The owner had me move higher on the hill because he said that it was level and I would be more comfortable.

 After a restful night at the Bragg Farm I headed to Maine.  I stopped at Joe's Pond Craft Shop in West Danville, VT because they had a weaver there.  I did not buy any weaving but the owner had just taken bread from the oven and the place smelled so good that I brought an apple strudel.  The craft store has weaving, stained glass, woodwork, photography, hooked and penny rugs, soaps, lotions & herbs, folk art, pottery, quilting, jewelry and probably more.

This was a restful stop but Maine was calling.  While driving through New Hampshire, I saw a lot of cars and RV's in a field and this sign.

I am a big kid sometimes so I had to see what this was about.


Lil Sleighs were you can rent strollers and wheelchairs.

Post Office, had a Santa Post card sent to my friends Jeremy and Kristen's two adorable boys.

Where is my whip? They are going too slow! I will never make it to anyone's house by Christmas.

Hope your name is here.

There was a full manger scene

No explanation needed.

Santa's House

I already told Santa what to get you for Christmas so you had better be nice.

Frosty and me

Staying two days at a golf resort (I don't golf but the rate with Passport America was the deciding factor), before heading to the Lobster Fest at the Pumpkin Patch RV campground in Hermon, VT. 

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