Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can You See Me??

I am camouflauged in my camo.

Collin  brought this outfit for me.  First the coat because he said that he was making me an honorary redneck, and yesterday the overalls arrived because it seems that I always have to hookup Miss Kitty or R.T. in the rain and keep getting soaked and have to change clothes.   I wonder what people think about a black woman with dreadlocks in a camo outfit.

I just left  the Ruckus and had been there since last Sunday.   I met some very nice people.   I even picked my own blueberries for my breakfast oatmeal.

Before I left the campground in NY for the Ruckus, the campground character came around.

Yes he has put wheels on the boat and drives it around the campground.

I also went to a craft show and found this great wine rack to go with my dog butts.
Also had time to go to an exhibition of how blacksmithing has become art,

I know you are curious as to what has been going on while I have been at the Ruckus.  I left it a little early because I wanted to go to an RV Lobster Bake in Maine I heard about and it starts this Wednesday.

When I arrived at the Ruckus, I was greeted by Susan, the hostess, and Liz another full timer.  We had lunch in the party barn that is used when the weather is bad.  We did not have to use it even though it rained because we just stayed under someones awning. 

 I was immediately initiated when I was sent to the barn by myself.  What I discovered was Marvin in all his glory.

I had a chance to do a little spinning

Sue and Liz went canoeing

Richard played some of his original songs while we all set by the campfire in the evening enjoying Sue's recipe.  A drink she made up and would not give it a name or tell anyone what was in it.

I went to a reggae concert in Lake Placid.  This is Morning Sun & The Essentials.  They were quite good.  I brought the cd.    

Boaters and standup boarders listening to the good music as well as us on the lawn.

Miss Kitty and Scout (Liz's RV) are the only full time rigs that attended.

Of course we ate.   Jack smoked some pork and we had pulled pork. 
 I made Cowboy Beans, thanks to Kristen, a very nice lady I met in MO, who put the recipe on her blog.   Everyone really enjoyed it.

Liz made a taco pie for our lunch one day,

Waiting for the food to finally get ready.

I tried a Jell-O shot which I think was strawberry but could not tell because all I could taste was alcohol.   

We had a great time at the Ausable Chasm.  This will have to be another post because it was an amazing day.


Diane said...

Best lookin' red-neck with dreadlocks I've ever seen!

Colleen Phipps said...

You are really packing the excitement in. Haven't met Soos in person yet but Liz is a great person to know. I think when they see your outfit they'll ask "what ya packin?"


Looks like a great time..
so sorry I could not make
it this year...but hope to
meet you and others at the
Florida GTG...thanks for posting
the pic...donna aka grammynmaggie