Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ausable Chasm

I want to take you on a photo journey of my day at Ausable Chasm. This Adirondack Park was established in  1892.  Devastating floods has help create the chasm we enjoy today, the worst being in 1996.  When you arrive at the chasm Visitors Center, you are given a choice of adventures at different cost.  There are walking tours, and Adventure trail tours which is semi-guided and has a ferrata/cable course and features cable traverses, cable bridges, cargo net climb and edge walks.  I went to the chasm with two new RVing friends and we decided on the Classic Tour that was a combination walking and rafting or tubing.
Gayle, me, Liz

These are the different walks we could take. 
We were told to take the yellow trail because it was more scenic.

Our first site was elephant rock.   It really does look like an elephants head.

I am reading the information about Elephant rock to the others.

We looked down on our walk at someone on the adventure tour climbing up a rope bridge.  This area is called Devil's Oven which is a fault line that runs the contour of the chasm.

This is Rainbow Falls.  It was originally called Adgate Falls after Michael Adgate who settled in the area in 1792.   Then it was renamed Birmingham Falls and now Rainbow Falls.

Liz walking along the chasm


The three of us

Rafts being lowered for us to ride the river.

Liz and I suited up

Liz, me, Gayle ready for our ride down the river.

Heading down the river on the raft

Tubers lazily going down the river

Because my legs are so long, the guide had me sat beside him after we cleared the falls and more rapid area of the river.  He was funny and great.

What a great day.   I would love to go back and try the Adventure Trail.  Next time....

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Colleen Phipps said...

Another great adventure. You couldn't find anyone better to adventure with than Liz.