Sunday, August 25, 2013

American Folk Festival, Day 2

Rachel and I got to the festival at noon and headed straight for the gospel venue at the Railroad Stage to listen to the Legendary Singing Stars since this is where the bus lets you off. This band played at the Apollo in the 1960's and is a mix of gospel music with the precision groove and choreographed moves of a classic R&B group.  The group is based out of Brooklyn, NY.

We left the Railroad Stage to head to the L. L. Bean Penobscot Stage to see 
Elatos a greek band and singer.  In Greek "Elatos" means "firs".  The name refers to the pine trees that grow high on the Greek mountiains.  They have no website and all their performances that are book is by word of mouth.  People started getting up and doing Greek dancing.  It was marvelous.

Next was Qui Shu Fang Peking Opera.  I had been to a Peking Opera when I was in China and told Rachel that I would stay until they started singing.

We left before the next performance and had to get something to eat before rushing to the Two Rivers Stage to see the Scissor Dance, mainly because we had no idea what it was.

The food at the festival had hamburgers and french fries but just a couple of booths; the food in abundance was not fair food.

While Rachel and I were trying to decide what to get, this lady came up to me to tell me she loved my dreads.   I really liked hers.
Maybe mine will look like this one day.

I also saw:

Musicians playing all over the place that were not officially apart of the festival.

You have to applaud the ingenuity of this young man.

The dog wears sunglasses and the guy was handing out business cards for his business, Canine Shades.

Food eaten and off to the Two Rivers Stage. The Chankas performed the Peruvian Scissors Dance.  The dance is a traditional Andean ritual expression through which the dancer is a bridge between a community of people and the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and her sacred mountains.  The actual dance with scissors and give a complete new meaning to the term  "Running with Scissors."

Next stop was the Maine exhibit of Maine crafts.   The canoe was absolutely beautiful.

This is the percussion sections of several of the groups.   Each group explained their instruments and then they had a jam sessions.   I thought it was wonderful that these people from different countries could join in this way.

Made this an early day. Lots of good music but I am tired.  

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