Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lobster Fest

I am staying at the Pumpkin Patch RV Resort for two weeks.  The first week is the Lobster Fest and the second to go to a music festival, get some crafting done, rest and visit some fiber places that I have been wanting to see that is in the area.

Miss Kitty was directed to Squash Lane #41.  When I first booked they only had water and electric site but when I arrived, I was told that someone had cancelled and they had a small site with full hookup if I wanted it.  Sounded okay to me so here is Miss Kitty in her site.

 This is a very nice campground, very clean, good water pressure and internet.  You have to tell them how many devices you will be using wi-fi because you are given a different access number for each device.  Quite a few pull through sites but I was too late to get one.  My site is not extremely level but it is not bad.  Staff is very friendly and helpful.

The Escapees Lobsterfest started Aug 13 with coffee and continental breakfast.   Frankly, that is how everyday started. Everyday Social Hour was at 4pm and billed as BYOB and snack to share.   One couple makes their own wine so they always had wine on the snack table to share.

One day was book and stuff swap, bring your hobbies and treasures and if you sold anything bring that in.  I brought some knitting, weaving, yarn I had made and jewelry to show.

This is a paper embroidery technique 

This is Dutch Embroidery

Bonnie makes wire wrapped jewelry and it was for sale.

Another evening was the Iron Chef Contest were you were to show your Favorite Jazzy Dessert and the judges tasted and picked the winner. I did not get any of the dessert.  Too late as usual.

A Jazz Picnic complementary dinner was had with music by Shades of Blue, a jazz and blues band.

I saw this license plate one evening when I was walking around the campground and thought it was so cute.

On Friday we had "breakfast in a bag".  I had never heard of such.  It turns out that you put your eggs and whatever in a freezer bag, push out the air, seal and drop in boiling water.   You end up with an omelet that was quite good.

Also on Friday was the Stephen King Tour.  
Sktours of Maine was used for the trip.  Only four of us went of the 55 people that attended the LobsterFest.  The narrated tour featured places he lived and currently lives, and places that inspired his books.  In fact, most books was set in Bangor, ME but he called the location, Derry.  We were taken to the trailer park that Stephen and his wife, Tabitha, was evicted for non-payment of rent, the Dunkin Donuts that Tabitha worked at and was told stories about their life.  We went to his current home.

The white house in the background is the guest house next door.   It was purchased for a million dollars even through it was worth about $200,000 at the time just to get rid of the people that lived there.  They had stopped taking care of the  home and it was falling apart, never mowed the grass and the final straw was when they purchased an old fire truck and had it in pieces all over the yard because they said they were restoring it.  Another 2 million was put in home to restore it.

Stephen King owns three radio stations but only one is on all the time and plays rock n roll.  It is also the only building that has his name on it.

The book  'IT' was a 1986 horror novel which followed the exploits of seven children that were terrorized by a clown.  In the novel, a six year old boy chases his paper boat into a storm drain in Derry.  This is the drain that Stephen walked by that gave him the inspiration for the story.

Get you hand off my foot

Stop taking pictures and help me.

We also went to the cemetery that was seen in the movie Pet Cemetery and shown where it was filmed.

The people of Bangor love Stephen King and his wife because they have given the city so much.  The first was the Senior League baseball field for 15-17 year olds.   His name is no where  except  for a plaque in the pavement, he built the entire facility and brought all equipment.  The city has nothing to do with this and only volunteers take care of property.

Owen King is Stephen King's son and he has written a novel and a book of short stories.

Next door is the city pool.  Stephen built this facility because he saw that the children did not have a decent place to swim.  It was named for the young woman that died very young and had taught his three children to swim.

I did not take pictures of the hospital that he built a children wing by matching whatever was raised.  Nor did I take pictures of the library that he put on the roof and raised enough money to build a wing and have the library remodeled.

This was a very interesting three and half hours of going around the city to see the inspiration for  most of the novels and short stories written by Stephen King.  We also went to see the Paul Bunyan statue that is across from the Hollywood Casino now.  It is reputed to be the largest statue of Paul Bunyan at 31 feet high and weighs 3700 pounds not including the peavey hook and double sided ax.  Bangor claims to be the birthplace of the lumber industry and Paul Bunyan.  We are standing on the roof of the casino parking lot.  This statue was brought to life in Stephen King's novel 'IT'.  A time capsule has been put in the base to be opened February 12, 2084.

Today was the LobsterFest!

I picked out my lobster, thank goodness they had rubber banded the claws.

Almost ready

My....what strong men

With help from almost every man there...I finally got my lobster cracked and ready to eat.   I did not like the clams so I only ate one.

I really enjoyed the meal and company... Lynn and Roger  (also full timers)

Kangaroo court judge

Tomorrow is a pancake breakfast and farewell.  Most of the Escapees will be leaving to go to other places.  This really has been a fun time and I look forward to many more.   I was given personal business type cards from several of the members.  I like this group because they think I am too young to be retired.


Colleen Phipps said...

Wish I was traveling with you; it sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Ah, that is the life.

Louise said...

Colleen, I wish you were here as well. We will meet someday, I plan on go Texas in February.


you sure inspire me ....I would love to be tagging along with you...donna