Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Friends and Family in Yellowstone

My son-in-law's oldest brother and wife, Jim and Patty, live in West Yellowstone, Montana where they own the town's only day care. We got to spend a fun few days with them.

Karen (my son-in-law's cousin) and her husband Don arrived in their fifth wheel a little before we did.  Now Jim and Patty had their own mini RV park! This is a day care as I said before so Miss Kitty got to spend time in the play yard.

Jim and Patty have two sons: Josh who lives with them and works at one of the local hotels, and Jeremy who lives in Bozeman, MT and is a physicist. Jeremy came down to spend some time with us for the 4th holiday.

Jim took a day off from the day care they run to give us a grand tour of Yellowstone. I did not have Yellowstone National Park on my bucket list but I have now added it and crossed it off! What a beautiful park.

I can't say much more than "WOW!!!" when describing the park so I will give you a tour in pictures:

The Porcelain Basin

On the Fourth of July, we all went to the center of town to see the parade.  Every business seemed to some type of float or decorated car.  There was even an RV with no sign that appeared to just want to be a part of the fun.

That evening, we had ring side seats for the fireworks.  Jim and Patty's deck was right under the fireworks, it felt like I could reach our and touch them.  The town residents had been shooting off fireworks two days before the Fourth and before and after the official town fireworks.  Since some of the residents fireworks were as spectacular as the cities, I can't imagine what they must have spent.

After tearful goodbyes, we are on our way again.  We will spend the night in Idaho then the plan is to spend a couple days in Portland, OR.  I will drop my daughter and son-in-law off at the airport and I will meet the WIN group in Washington state.  We will see.... all things are subject to change

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