Thursday, July 17, 2014

Goodbye to Toutle

Sadly, we had to leave Toutle because we are expected in Gig Harbor , Washington, to paint Mel's barn. Well not really. Mel does not have a barn. He just wants us to be surprised as to the activities he has planned.

I went to the Lavender event at the Castle Rock Lavender farm. I had no idea that there was eatable lavender. They served lavender lemonade and lavender shortbread cookies. Delicious!!

Musicians played throughout the day which made the day even more lovely.

When we got back from the Lavender event it was time for the Christmas in July pot luck. Some of the ladies put on a skit that was hilarious.

Next came the gift exchange.  I picked the box of saltines because it had to have something good in it.   I got a LED light.   Works for me.

That evening we had a drum circle to bring up the new moon.  Not sure if it worked since the moon did not come up until everyone finally went to bed.


Marty Leake said...

Hello Louise,

The Lavender event sounds like it was a great festival and I learned something new that you can consume lavender, who new.

You video presentation on the Nexus was sensational.

Take care and be safe.

M Leake

Louise said...

Yes, I was surprised about eatable lavender as well. As for the video, when I believe in something, you can not shut me up.