Friday, July 04, 2014

Westward Ho

Finally back on my way to Oregon after Nexus fixed the cabinet I damaged. They looked at the refrigerator because it was not cooling on propane but could not find anything wrong.  They also replaced my living room Fan-tastic fan because it was not responding to the remote control properly. We left Elkhart once the car was fixed (brake damage) as well as the cable that works the lights from RV to car. I discovered after I left the Nexus plant that the "Auto" setting on the frig was broken and as long as I use the "Gas" setting, the frig stays cold.

Besides the "Sip N Knit", the other highlight of my visit to Nexus was meeting Nick and Terry from the Gypsy Journal. I have found a kindred soul in Terry.  She weaves, spins and has a sock knitting machine. Nick said she was shy but I could not tell.  Well... I was so excited to have found her that I was jumping up and down. We plan on meeting up again in Arizona in March at the Escapees rally and really spend quality time. My daughter and son-in-law must have really liked Nick because they were in deep conversation with him whenever I looked over.

Terry Louise Turner
Terry and I

For the last year, Karen and Claude from Nexus RV has been trying to get me to do a testimonial video.   I have always managed to get out before they could corner me. This time they caught me.  At least I did not have to do it alone, they decided to do a lifestyle video with me owning my RV for a year and Abby who only has owned her's for six days.  I got to talk about RVillage which is my favorite RV topic these days as well as how I use my RV as a fulltime RVer.  I promise to post a link to the video once they publish it.

Our next stop was Ft. Collins, CO to meet my son-in-law's friend, Kevin. We also discovered that the amazing yarn store, The Loopy Ewe, was there. To get there quickly so I could go to the Loopy Ewe by Saturday, we spent the night in Iowa, drove straight through Nebraska were there was a tornado scare on I-80 to arrive in Ft. Collins before dark. The Loopy Ewe had better be good.

We spent the night at the Isle of Capri casino in Bettendorf, IA. This is a small casino attached to a hotel. Oddly laid out and very much a locals' casino.  You'd better like the smell of cigarette smoke.

The next morning we stopped at the Iowa 80 truck stop which is billed as the world's largest truck stop.
We had breakfast and a shower there.  Surprisingly it was very nice.

 They even had a movie theater for truckers and the biggest accessory and supply store I've ever seen.

After breakfast, we went Le Claire, IA to see the home of the American Pickers.

We went back to the truck stop to pick up Miss Kitty and have a quick lunch, then drove as quickly as possible to Colorado. The Loopy Ewe was calling.


Colleen Phipps said...

My goodness, you sure are getting around! Miss Terry, Nick, and the Iowa guys as well as the largest truck stop. All fun. Seems like most casinos are horrible with smoke. I love RVillage too. I hope you get through San Antonio sometime soon.

Louise said...

I plan on visiting you in San Antonio. I will make sure you get plenty of notice.

Mary Lou said...

Do let us know when that video is available! Are you planning to be at Fiber College this year?

Louise said...

Unfortunately, I will not be at Fiber College this year buri will next year. I plan to stay in the west until about March.