Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Well as I've always said, my plans are made in Jell-O! Instead of waiting to catch up with the WINs (the Wandering Individuals Network) in Washington, we were able to make good time and met them in Boring, OR a day and a half before they moved to their next destination. When I called to let them know we would be arriving, I was told no problem and that there were already 44 RVs already there!!! As soon as I pulled into the host Phil's property, I was immediately greeted by several of the members, especially Joel.  He assured my daughter, son-in-law and I that fun was to be had.  

Setting up Miss Kitty next to the blueberry bushes with my son-in-law's help

Every evening at five, everyone meets at "circle"to discuss what they did that day and to talk about the plans for the next day. At nine in the morning, everyone meets for "hugs" and to confirm who's doing what so know one is accidently left out.The plans was to visit Vista House which was a historic rest area and then hike up Larch Mountain to see the five summits.

Our first stop was Vista House. Construction began in 1916 for motorists traveling the new 75 mile Columbia River Highway.   This would be no ordinary roadside rest stop however. In the words of the newspaper, Oregonian, it was "intended to be the finishing achievement for the greatest highway in America" and to "grace the highest spot on that wonderway." The spot was Crown Point, 693 feet above the Columbia River.  Construction was completed May 1918.  Inside there is rare Alaskan marble that form the floors and stairs of the rotunda.

In 1926 the Columbia River Highway joined with other regional highways to become U.S. 30, the third longest route in the country.  U. S. 30 stretches coast-to-coast from Astoria in the west to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Today, Vista House has been modernized. What was once the ladies' lounge has become the espresso bar and the gentle men's side now houses the interpretive display and gift shop.

Our next stop was Larch Mountain. Larch Mountain is an extent volcano (there are a lot of volcanos around here), when you hike to the top you can see the five summits: Mount HoodMount AdamsMount JeffersonMount Rainier and Mount St. Helens.

It was a long hike up but we all made it!

TeAntae wanting to know how she got roped into this hike

The WIN, slightly out of breathe

The rest of the WINs went off to do their own thing but we were told we HAD to go see Multnomah Falls which is the third highest falls in the U. S.  Absolutely breathtaking!

I saw this home made van topper and just had to take a picture. How neat!

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