Friday, July 04, 2014

Rocky Mountain Hi !

We are just leaving Ft. Collins,CO.  Had the most wonderful time with new friends for me. We visited my son-in-laws friend Kevin, and his parents came over to meet us as well. Sounds like we have a group trip to Walt Disney World in our future.

While driving to Colorado, we had a tornado scare in Nebraska. We were able to change our route and we did not have any further weather problems.

Kevin lives in a new development with wide streets so we were able to park in front of his house with the car still hooked up.  We were able to get an oil change for Miss Kitty at an Ace Hardware no less! They actually have a gas station and garage attached.  While she was being serviced we went to breakfast and shopping.

TeAntae found a great Creole restaurant that served breakfast called Lucille's.

The breakfast was plentiful and delicious.

Bryan's breakfast

TeAntae's breakfast.  Look at the size of that biscuit!!!.

OK, I had brunch..I can never pass up Shrimp Creole

 My first stop after breakfast was The Loopy Ewe which turned out to be down the street from Kevin's. Did you think I would pass up a yarn store and especially the famous Loopy Ewe? The place is a true destination and yarn shop.  They sell fabric as well as yarn. I was able to pick up a left handed rotary cutter that I had to take a lesson in how to hold it as well as how to change the blade.  My son-in-law picked out yarn for a pair of socks my daughter is to make and I brought yarn for fair isle slippers.  Now my daughter and I are official "Loopy Groupies"!  I was so flabbergasted at the wonder of being at the Loopy Ewe that I forgot to take pictures.

Photo: Fabric Shop

Photo: Yarn Shop

Kevin told us about a yarn shop called Lambspun Yarns that is attached to a cafe.  The cafe was closed when we got there so we just wandered through the yarn shop.  This shop was a typical yarn shop but a little disorganized.  I met a woman learning to weave on a rigid heddle loom and another that was spinning.

While we were checking out the list of yarn stores, we discovered another one that also sold a wine glass that had printed on it how much wine you should pour depending on the knitting technique called
 Your Daily Fiber.   Yes, I brought one as well as some beautiful hand dyed roving.

Wine Glass

Everyone went out to dinner the first night but me because the time zone change was killing me.  Instead, my daughter found a fantastic cheese shop for me called The Welsh Rabbit.  I ended up buying two different cheeses, a baguette and some olives. That was my dinner washed down with Naylor wine that I picked up when I had spent the night in Pennsylvania.

Kevin took us to a great breakfast restaurant the next day The Egg & I.  Did I tell you that Kevin is not only an inventor and holds down a government job to pay the bills but he is an accomplish mountain climber and teacher, hang glider, para glider, builds houses, and mountain biker?

He took us on a tour of the Rocky Mountains state park and gave us a lesson on the terrain.  I think that  made it even more magical.

Me, Kevin and TeAntae


After our mountain adventure we went into Estes Park to tour the town, do some shopping and then get a bite to eat for dinner. Everyone else had yak burgers but I stuck with good old beef. Maybe next time.


Colleen Phipps said...

Another really great stop for all of you! You need to get that fridge fixed while it is still under warranty as that automatic switch from gas to electic/electric to gas is a really valuable addition.

Louise said...

Yes, having the refrigerator fixed is on the top of my agenda when I sop. I am happy I realized the problem.

Melodye said...

Isn't Lambspun the setting for a book of knitting mysteries by Maggie Sefton?

Louise said...

Melodye, I do not know, I will have to check into that.

Louise said...

Melodye, I do not know, I will have to check into that.