Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Tale of Woe

After leaving Florida, I headed to Kentucky to visit my aunt.  In Atlanta during rush hour traffic, it sounded like I had a blow out.  I managed to limp to the off ramp and saw that the tire was up but had come apart.  I contacted Good Sam Roadside Assistance and the tow driver and I got the RV to a side street so he could put on the new tire.
The damage to the rig consist of the tray under the sewer compartment being  bent badly.  I think the hose in the compartment kept the sewer from being damaged .
When I got to Kentucky, my cousin bent out the tray enough for me to get a sewer hose
in the compartment. The sewer hose that was there was terribly destroyed.  I had just brought
A tire monitorng system for the RV but had it sent to my son-in-law to put on when I got to Maryland.

I saw my aunt and took care of some business then headed to Maryland.  I decided not to stop and drive closer to my daughter's.  I stopped for gas in Maryland and felt tired but can not use that as an accuse.  I always check my backup camera to make sure the car clears the gas tank barriers.  This time I guess I did not look.  You can not feel the car back there so I drove off. When I got so tired I felt that I could not drive anymore, I got off the interstate.  As I was turning a corner, I saw the drivers side of my car and freaked.  

The car is all repaired but I learned a lesson to not drive when I am tired.

My son-in-law was putting on the tire monitors when he saw the front tires and told me I needed new front tires and an alignment.  I took the RV in for that but was told I needed new front shocks as well.  I had also damaged the cable that connects the lights of RV to car.

I had a costly trip back from Florida to Maryland


Anonymous said...

Did you check to find out if that Michelin was under a recall? There have been recalls on some. Glad you are ok.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you are okay after having all those problems but you are right, "Don't drive when you are tired".
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.