Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Made it to New Mexico

We finally made it to Sunland Park Casino & Racetrack in Sunland, NM.
 This is right outside El Paso, TX, were I was going for my cousin  wife's graduation.  We drove 250 miles and took us 6 hours right into the El Paso heat.  We had electric so that meant AC.

The graduation was fantastic.  My cousin, Candice, was the valedictorian for her class.  I was shocked when she said in her speech that her Aunt Louise and Ms. Jean had come across country to see her graduate.
Kevin and Candice

We headed to Truth or Consequences, NM, which is a spa city.  We made a side trip to Las Cruces so we could spend the night and visit Mesilla which is the land of Billy the Kid.  They were having an arts market in the town plaza.
We visited the shops and wine tasting were we each brought a bottle of some delicious wine. We also went into the Billy the Kid Gift Shop that is located in the Old Courthouse building on the corner of the plaza.  When entering the building, look up.  You will see the viagas which is the original wooden beams that support the roof and the latillas which is stripped branches which are between the viagas'.
The old Adobe building has the original 18 inch thick walls made of mud bricks.
It was here that Billy the Kid was tried and was to hang but he escaped.  At one time this building held a jail , courthouse, and school at the same time.  School was let out early  before a hanging  so that the children would not see it.

We rode around Mesilla and it really felt like what you think New Mexico should be.

The next afternoon we made it to Truth or Consequences but we never made it to the hot springs.  We needed a few days rest from the driving and the Moose we stayed at had electric so we had AC in this awful heat.  There was very little to do here so we used this as sewing time.  The lodge let us use their tables to cut out fabric. I also had a chance to do some spinning on my electric spinner
The bobbins on this spinner are to big for me to my lazy Kate to  ply. (A lazy Kate is a device to hold two or more  spools (bobbins) in place  while the yarn on them is wound off from the side of the bobbins abs wound together. So, I made one with a plastic basket and dowels

I also need a charging station for my two IPads, IPhone and Fitbit.  I found that by splitting open a pool noodle and shaving it flat on the bottom, it works until I can get something else.

There was a shop we really wanted to go in Truth or Consequences but it was closed.  I loved her sign

Next stop was Albuquerque but only for one night because of the heat.  The weather in Santa Fe was 10 degrees cooler so we decided to go on.  Santa Fe is were we planned to meetup with the WINs (Wandering Individuals single group we travel with).

We are in Santa Fe so I have you up to date.  My have missed some things but you have the idea that I still love my life.  Plans are to post when I have something to tell you.  

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