Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Anne Frank House, Houseboats and Coffee Houses (Mom's Last Day In The Netherlands)

I should have titled this "The Houses of Amsterdam"!

"Don't worry about internet fees. At least not right now. The internet is complimentary with this hotel. Do not know about the others. (Clarification from daughter: In my email to her I had asked her not to worry about emailing often as I wanted her to spend her money on better things.)

Today we had breakfast at 7AM. We met at 7:45AM to take the train to Amsterdam. From there we walked to the
Anne Frank Haus to make sure we were there at least 1/2 hour before it opened. We were among the first in line and was able to get out before the crowd started. The area that the family occupied was larger than I thought. They should ask me who turned the family in. Just think, the father legally signed over the business to his two "trusted employees/friends". Any thoughts.....

We then walked around the area and looked at the architecture. It was amazing to see the
houseboats (From daughter: In trying to find information to link to I found loads of information on RENTING houseboats. Check out the link for a gorgeous example!!!) that cost a fortune now, mainly because they have to buy the dock that they are at. When Amsterdam started, the homes were taxed according to the frontage. There are houses that are only as wide in front as one window.

Took lots of pictures. I see now that I decided on the wrong lens. When we come back, we will bring a small camera with long lens. This camera is heavy and I did not bring the long lens.

I forgot to tell you about yesterday, are maybe I did. Anyway, I got lost and a man helped me find my way back. On the way, he saw a long line at the church and said it was probably a local art showing and lets go see. We went in and the two of us talked about the art and how people had painted trunks, etc. It was fun. Then he took me to the area that I needed to be in and he went off to buy flowers for his mother for Mother's Day.
(Daughter's response: AAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!)

Back to today....We took a
canal cruise and the person that was driving was so funny. Hope we get someone like that when we come. Or maybe we will decide to go somewhere else.

We walked through the
Red Light District. That was funny. There was so many "COFFEE HOUSES". I could not find real coffee. (From the daughter: I just don't want to know.)

We went to the Rijks Museum and then I walked around the area until it was time to start back. Some people decided to stay in Amsterdam.

In the morning after breakfast, we head for Germany. We are going to an open area museum and then on to Bacharach, Germany for two nights. This is suppose to be a long ride so I will work on my postcards, knit and listen to my IPOD.


From Mom's Monday report, I suspect she was clicking away with her camera. What a day!

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