Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First Two Days In Europe

This report is a combination of her first and second days in Europe (Saturday and Sunday). She had the morning of the second day all to herself as the tour didn't start until that afternoon/evening. Now this is the way to spend Mother's Day!

"The hotel is so European with a comfortable bed, the tub is so deep I thought I needed a step stool to get in to take my shower. You have to leave your door card in a slot by the door to have electric.

I won't have a room mate for the next couple of nights. The lady at the front desk when I came down this morning whispered to me that she had fixed it so I could have the room by myself so just leave my things in the room.

Breakfast was what you read about as European with cold cuts, bread, STRONG coffee, and juice. They had eggs and sausage but they where terrible.

There is an Italian restaurant in the hotel but last night I was just too tired and tonight we all go out to dinner together somewhere.

Everyone ride bicycles here. They have the greatest market basket bike things that I really wish I had. Even the saddle bags are really great. Most people have both.

I met a lady that LOVES Americans yesterday. She told me to go to the department store
(Note from daughter: I think this is where she went, Vroom & Dreesman, but she'll have to correct me when she gets back) and then go to the top floor. There was a restaurant and you can stand on the terrace and see all of Haarlem. That turned out to be the best place in Haarlem. The restaurant at the top was like an Eatzi's. I got some juice and sit on the terrace. The lady at checkout told me the restaurant closed at 6 so I had planned to come back for dinner but when I got there at 5 they had put away almost everything. I went down stairs to another little place they had and got a quiche, juice and brownie. I was so tired, I had to get a bag for the brownie.

Everything is closed today. I did found out that there is a grocery close by that I'll go to since I can not find my deodorant or razor. I also am to bring my Rick Steves book to the meeting tonight but I know I do not have that. It was so thick that I did not put it in the luggage.

I will talk to you later,



I can just see my mom now, the darling of the Netherlands! =)

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