Monday, May 21, 2007

Venice, There Are No Words

"Venice... there are no words. I am in love. It is better than the pictures. I got up this morning before breakfast and had a caffe latte at the local coffee shop. After breakfast, our local guide took us on a tour and we ended at San Marco. I am just speechless.

And my room. It is perfect. Again, I am not sharing. I even did not have to share a bath. I have one with a bidet. Had to try that this morning. You should have seen me with the hand held shower. There was more water on the floor than on me. I could not stop laughing. My room overlooks the Canale Della Giudecca. Just perfect. You know that there is a 7 day Venice tour.

I took the water taxi that all the locals take, up and down the Canal. It was only 13 Euro and you can get off and on for 12 hours. If you get a single trip ticket, it cost 6 Euro. I have been off and on at least 6 times today.

For lunch I had Puttanesca... spicy but delicious. (note from daughter: This is mom's favorite pasta dish and she's on the hunt for the ultimate plate of it) I will have to try it in Rome and see what I think.

Last night we all pitched in and rode the gondola and we even had a musician. Our guide, Ben arranged it. The guy quoted such a low price that he threw in the musician. It still only cost $25 each. That was also fantastic.

I am paying for this internet and I have to write Roger and Ileana so until Rome....

Love you

Ok, so why after reading this did it bring tears to my eyes? Happy tears, but tears none the less.


Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Wow, sounds like she is having such a great time. I'm really happy for her. BTW, I wonder if she's getting any knitting done? I bet she falls asleep before she picks up the needles. ;-)

rita said...

I am SOOOOO jealous! Last summer my husband and I spent three weeks in Europe and used Rick Steve's books. We had a wonderful time and want to go back to try to see some of the things we missed. Paris was incredible; we climbed the Eiffle Tower on my birthday.

I did a little knitting on trains, but I didn't get much done and didn't find but two yarn shops. I remembered to take a picture of the sock I was knitting at the Eiffel Tower but nowhere else.

Have fun--of course you will!

The Lone Beader® said...

I want to go to Italy!! ANd, aren't those European hand-held showers odd?? LOL. Have fun:)

Angela said...

wow that sounds awesome! :) I'd really love to go to Italy to and simply get lost in it :) I only look at them through pictures and I'm already in love with it. What more if I do get the experience to be in it <3