Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lots of Castles

With this and the next post, I'm all caught up. =)

"May 17th
We are in Rothenburg.

I just walked up this tower that was 214 steps and some of them straight up. We had to walk backwards to get down some. I wanted to see the whole city but we still have the rain. Tonight we are taking the
Night Watchman tour. I also have to find some lunch. The town is very pretty but pure tourist. There is a yarn shop beside the hotel that I am going to check out. (note from daughter: Mom, always keeping her priorities in order.) Also, I want to walk the old wall. This town is surrounded by a wall. We were told that after 6pm, we will have the town mostly to ourselves. We will see. Nothing but shops for tourist here.

As for food, I am eating. I ate white asparagus yesterday and it was good. I have been putting things in my mouth to keep from getting hungry and I have surrvived.
(note from daughter: Mom isn't adventorous when it comes to food so I had to remind her to make sure to at least TRY the food before looking for a burger)

Tomorrow is the Disney castle. We have to leave here at 7:30am to get there before it opens. That is one thing about this tour, you have to get up early in order to get to your destination before the tour busses get there.

Talk to you when I get use of the internet again. Next time we will definately set up the IM or text message when we are out of the country. Almost everyone knew about it and that is what they do in their rooms at night instead of waiting for a computer like I have to do.

Love ya,

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