Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Most Amazing Day

Sometimes my mom, who you'd think couldn't be more amazing, simply astounds me yet again.

"May 19th
I made it on the three mile walk from Austria back to Germany. A group of us went at our own pace and stopped a lot. It was very beautiful walking through the forest. I even walked up to the castle with everyone. I do not know how to describe how amazing the castle is. There is no way that Ludwig was mad. Ahead of his time maybe, but certainly not mad. I took lots of pictures. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I took the bus back, it was worth the 1 euro.

Afterwards we took a luge ride. I rode twice.
(note from daughter: I wish I could have been there cheering here on, "Go Mom! Go!") I almost did it again but it got too crowded. One person in our group fell off because he was going too fast. You did not have to worry about that with me.

I just got back from walking to the little village here. The people paint scenes on their houses, and things around the windows or their names. The inside of the church was very beautiful.

I take it back about taking this trip. It would be great. At first I felt we were going so fast that everything was a blur but maybe that is good, it is sure packed full of memories.

When I get off I am going to take a shower and lay down a little before dinner.

Long bus ride tomorrow about 8 hours.
(note from daughter: She was on her way to Venice next.)

Love and miss both of you


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