Friday, May 25, 2007

They Got Me!

"I have been SO proud of myself on this trip. One lady got pickpocketed and I thought that I was being smart by wearing my money belt and I had made a fake pocket that I had pinned to the front of my pants with my shirt over it. Today on the subway, it was very crowded. A man kept pushing against my purse and in fact I felt him and gave him a mean stare. He started talking to another man and then at the next stop they got off. One of the ladies on my tour found that they had somehow gotten into her pocket and took her wallet. I stopped to buy water on the way to the Vatican and found that they had gotten me too. I got taken for 40 Euro, my day money.

You will love Rome. The guide that we had made the Colosseum come alive. I did throw my coin in the fountain. I stopped at this internet cafe, I am going to get some lunch and then look for the Spanish Steps.

The hotel we are staying in is nice but you have to walk 136 steps to get to the lobby. The elevator will only hold 2 people and 2 pieces of luggage.

As we were walking back from the fountain, we stopped at a church that was having a concert. The church was beautiful as well as the singing.

Tomorrow, we head for Cinque Terre and some needed rest.

Love Mom"

I can only imagine the look she gave that silly man. I'm so proud of her still for being careful enough to only lose that little bit. I know plenty of people who lose their passports, credit cards, etc... because they think they'll never get pickpocketed. I hope that's her only experience with that nonsense for the rest of the trip.

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