Friday, May 18, 2007

At "Home" In Austria

These 3 emails only came a couple of hours ago so this is hot of the presses as it were:

First email:
"This is short because the internet is slow and I only have a few minutes-
Went to
Munich to the Hofbrau House and had a beer that had lemonade in it. Still tasted like beer.

Also, we just arrived in our home for the next two nights on the Austrian border. We will take a 3 mile walk to castle. Have to get more money.
(comment from daughter: What have you been buying young lady?) Will write more later.


Next I received:

"This lady that told me about the text messaging was texting her daughter back and forth all day on the bus. We are going to the castle tomorrow. I made the mistake in the days. We can take the 3 mile walk over hill and dale to the castle or we can take the bus. Then it is uphill to the castle. I am going to try the walk. I will take lots of pictures of the castle.

We are staying on a farm tonight. The meal was delicious. My room is tiny but cute. I am sharing a bath with another lady but I have my own room. (comment from daughter: She has been really lucky so far only having to room for 1 night with her official roomy at the moment.)

I sent you the
2008 list of tours. I think we should take a two week tour. I will tell you why when I get home.

Love Mom"

and last I received this important email:

"Forgot to tell you: The farmhouse has a washer and no dryer: my underwear is hanging on the line. (note from daughter: She is going to kill me for posting this one but my husband agreed that this is good information. I just hope she got a picture!)


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The Lone Beader said...

This is so wonderful! I was in Germany a couple of weeks ago, and had that lemonade beer...

The tours of Europe sound fun, but you really need to spend more time in each place to get a feeling for it.