Thursday, May 17, 2007

Could Not Wait To Tell You

My mom is about as "bad" as me when it comes to meeting people. We'll talk to anyone! Looks like she's doing well...

"May 17th
There is an older couple that have adopted me or something. I am always having to stop them from paying for my snacks. I had told them that my favorite artist was a man by the name of
David Young and that he played two recorders at the same time. (note from daughter: I have to agree, this guy is amazing!) When I went into the famous Christmas store here in Rothenburg, I had noticed a CD by David but did not get it because I thought I had it. After I got back to the hotel I realized that the one I have is the one David wanted our opinion about the cover. (note from daughter: Yeah, we've met him so many times, he knows us well) This CD was made especially for this store. There is also a DVD movie but there is no use me getting it since it will be in Germany.

Anyway, I was having a piece of cake, very delicious, here at the hotel when the couple saw me. They had purchased the CD for me. Can you believe that? We will have to do something nice for them when I get back. I would like you to think of something nice to make them as well. They have just been a dream. Your jewelry is so pretty that even rich people would die for it.
(note from daughter: Mom is biased.)

I am in working on postcards because it is raining and I am tired of being wet. I will meet everyone at 8 for the nightwatchman tour. Tell Bryan that this is great and he will love this or one of the shorter Rick Steve tours. You have to get up early because that is the only way to see things without the tourist but they are really packing it in.

Love ya,

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