Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Daughter's Surprise

Hi folks!

This is not Louise, this is her daughter TeAntae posting. While mom's zipping around Europe right now, I thought it would be fun for all of us, as well as a nice keepsake for her, to update her blog based on some of the emails and video postcards she's been sending (edited for content of course). I don't know how much of mom's journey I'll be able to capture here as it will depend on how often she can contact me but I'm certainly going to do my best. So let's begin...

After a shaky start, mom had her first two flights to Newark, NJ get canceled so Continental transferred her to KLM so she could get a direct flight to the Netherlands, she arrived safely in Amsterdam on May 12th...

"Okay everyone, I made it to the hotel. Check-in is not until 3pm and there is an Italian restaurant in the hotel. It is a little chilly so I am going to buy something for my head. The Saturday market is around the corner.

I am happy to say that it is not raining. In fact, the sun is shining but windy.

When I got to the hotel, there was a couple in front of me that are also taking the
tour tomorrow.

I will try to send another report tonight to tell you how my day went if I can get on the Internet.

Talk to you soon,

Mom aka Louise"

She's on her way to Bacharach, Germany today so I need to fill in the other posts to catch up. Hope you enjoy this little sneak-peek into mom's adventure!

Take care everyone!

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

This is great! You're a great daughter to do this for your Mom. I'd gotten behind in my reading & finally noticed that your Mom had postings even while I thought she was away in Europe. It's realy neat that you're keeping us all posted too. Can't wait to see the pictures. I've been to Holland & people were so nice there. And she seems to be enjoying the rest of her trip also. Cheers.