Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Florence... Not So Much

Something tells me mom misses Venice. LOL!

"Send me back to Venice and throw my passport overboard!

Florence is a hectic CITY. The motor scooters try to run you down and it is HOT. It is so crowded here and there are too many people selling something. It looks like around every corner stalls of merchants selling leather jackets, purses and scarves. I had planned on buying you some leather gloves but I got lost trying to find the store again. (comment from daughter: That's OK. Your present to me is that you have a good time.)

When we arrived yesterday, we had some free time and then we met to go to the Accademia. Michelangelo's David is breathtaking. It looks like he is about to start breathing and walk off. You can see his ribs & every muscle. In Italy you have to have a special card to be a tour guide. People that can not get the card will harass you to be a tour guide so what Rick Steve does is hire a non-talking guide that has their card but our guide did all the talking. We used headsets so we could here him in the crowd. Afterward we did a walking tour where he showed us the Duomo which is right down the street from the hotel. I really wanted to climb the tower-463 steps when you do not feel well is not a good idea. We will do it when we all come back together. We peaked through the gate at the Medici Riccardi Palace but it was closed. Then at 7pm we were taken to a restaurant for dinner. Very good pasta. Pasta is the first course, then came the steak, then dessert. Even when you are looking at the menus at the street cafes, you see first course, second course, etc. There was free time after dinner but I had went to a local pharmacy and she had me buy this medicine that you have to take on a full stomach. Put me straight to sleep and without the alarm clock, I would have missed this mornings walk.

7am coffee and croissant for breakfast. Bryan did not make me sick. (comment from daughter: Mom had stayed over the weekend before her trip and Bryan was just getting over a cold. He was worried he'd get her sick before she left.) I did not catch the cold until we make the climate change from cool and rainy to blistering hot in Italy. I need some cooler shorter pants but can not find anything my size. I found plenty in Germany but did not realize that it was going to be this hot here in Italy and we are still going south.

After breakfast, we met our local Italian guide at the Uffizi Gallery. We got to see some very famous paintings and he talked about the artist. Then it was free time. I went to the Ponte Vecchio. It looks better in pictures. Quite a few gold shops but I do not wear gold. From there I wandered around and found a place for lunch. I saw lots of wig shops too. Stopped for gelato. They have a Red Bull Gelato. Wondered what it taste like but did not try it. (comment from daughter: Eew! So glad you didn't. That sounds horrible.)

In the morning, we had for Rome.

Miss you,

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