Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sneezing Across Europe

"Taking a walking tour of Florence in a bit and we will go see Michelangelo's David.

We stopped at an AutoGrill on the way here that had the most delicious pasta. Everyone said that what they ordered was very good. Why can't our truck stops be like this? (comment from daughter: I wish I knew. It sounds wonderful.)

I purchased a Snicker bar in Germany and a Kit Kat in Italy. The chocolate is different than in the US, much better.

I received a note from my blog from Rhonda wanting to know if I was getting any knitting done. You can let everyone know that I am knitting. That is my pastime while on the bus going from one place to the next. I am about to finish the toe on one sock and will be starting on the other on my way to Rome. I did pick up a couple of balls of yarn while in Venice. Don't worry, you can pick out which one you want. (comment from daughter: YAY!!!!) I also bought enough yarn to make a pair of socks. I am going to call them my Venice socks. (not from daughter: I did something similar on the cruise we took together. I finished a beaded crochet necklace while sitting on our room's veranda overlooking the Castaway Cay just as the sun set.)

I caught a terrible cold when we were in Austria. I think it was the change of weather and I have been so tired. Anyway, I lost my voice but I do feel better. The tour guide gave me my own room in Venice and he is doing the same here in Florence. (note from daughter: And why didn't she tell me sooner? I guess not to worry me. Glad she's feeling better.)

Here in Florence, right outside the door, is a market that must take up miles and miles of stalls. Mostly they are selling leather goods like purses and jackets. I did see some felted bead necklace and I may buy one. I am still looking for something special for you. Wish you were here to see these jackets but I would not be able to take it back if it did not fit. The beads I saw in Venice looked too much like the beads we see when we go to a good show.

My room is cute; at least this one has a toilet seat. Some of the places I have been have not.

Got up this morning and had my last cup of caffe latte in Venice at the neighborhood coffee shop. This morning, half the tour group came.

I still do not have a watch.

Will write more later.

Love Mom"

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Hey Louise, you must look for a yarn shop in Italy. Thay have beautiful yarn that they produce there. Sock yarn too. Sounds like you're having an experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to see your pictures. If you've already finished a pair of socks, you'll have to put them on & get you foot up in a few scenic shots, LOL ... might have to ask someone to take for you tho. tehe